Newsletter - April 2024

Dear Fellow Loriners,

I have only been in the chair for a couple of months and yet it seems a lot longer. As you will have seen on our Social Media channels and in the articles below, I have been accompanied by our Gallant Clerk and sometimes the Mistress to several Livery Companies recently. Some very interesting dinner companions have been met and a number of events attended. 

I hope you are having a relaxing Easter break and let us hope we have a bright and sunny summer. 

George Anderson

Master 2024/25

Best in Class at National Shire Horse Show

On Saturday 9th March, the Mistress and I were guests of the Shire Horse Society at their National Show on the Staffordshire County Showground. The showground is a large indoor arena so it made a change from some of the wet outdoor events I have attended in the past!

The history of the Shire Horse goes back a long way. In fact, there is evidence to show horses being used for domestic purposes for more than 2,200 years, with equine items such as bits and bridles being found amongst Bronze Age graves.

The show featured some enormous and magnificent shire horses. Most especially, there were a couple of classes for best display of harness and lorinery, as shown in the photographs. The sight of a huge horse wearing more than a hundred horse brasses was striking. It shows that our craft is not quite lost!

Master, George Anderson

Master and Mistress visit the Basketry Showcase at the Dutch Church 

The Master and Mistress were invited by The Worshipful Company of Basketmakers to attend a Basketry Showcase on 12th March at the Dutch Church in Austin Friars. The Yeoman of their Company each had a stall and presented examples of this ancient craft, together with some modern examples.

Basketry is one of the most ancient of crafts - from Moses in the bullrushes via fishing creels to modern garden trugs. Pictured left is the Mistress with one of the Yeomen Basketmakers dressed as a Northumbrian fish wife. It was Interesting to learn how much work goes into a simple shopping basket!

Master, George Anderson

Lord Mayor's annual visit to Treloar’s College

On Wednesday 13th March, the Lord Mayor made his annual visit to Treloar’s College in Hampshire. All Masters and their Consorts were invited to attend a tour of the site and see some of the students.

Treloar’s started in 1907 when Sir William Purdie Treloar, then Lord Mayor of the City of London, set up a ‘Cripples’ Fund’ as his mayoral appeal. His aim was to build a hospital and school outside the city for severely handicapped children and young adults. In 1908, Sir William opened his school and hospital in Alton, Hampshire and, since then, Treloar’s has steadily grown and developed. It is now one of the country’s leading providers of education, care, therapy, medical support and independence training for disabled young people.

Treloar's is supported by the Lord Mayor and several of the Livery Companies. Most of the students are wheelchair-bound and the severity of their handicaps can be gauged by the fact that there are about 180 resident students and it requires at least 800 members of staff to support them 24 hours a day.

It is a very humbling place to visit and the care provided by the staff has to be seen to be believed. We watched a dance performance by students and support staff, which they were entering into a dance competition, then had a tour of part of the site and visited one of the teaching classes. 

Master, George Anderson

The Lord Mayor hosts The Masters

On Thursday 14th March, the Master and Mistress attended the 'Dinner to the Masters, Prime Wardens and Upper Bailiff of the Livery Companies of the City of London'. This is a dinner given annually by the Lord Mayor for every Livery Company Master and Consort. In addition, Masters of Livery Companies from cities outside London are also invited. The Fellmongers of Richmond, the Cordwainers of York, the Merchant Venturers of Bristol and the Hammermen of Glasgow were all present. More chains of office than you can imagine - a glittering and packed evening! 

Master, George Anderson

Focusing on Foundations at the annual United Guilds Service

The Master and Mistress, accompanied by both Wardens, 10 Loriners and the Gallant Clerk, attended the annual United Guilds Service at St. Paul's Cathedral on Friday 15th March. This, the 80th service since it was formed, is one of the few occasions when members of all Livery Companies and Guilds gather together to remember the religious origins of the Guilds. 

Leading the congregation were the The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor, Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli, the Lady Mayoress, both Sheriffs together with the Civic Party. The cathedral was packed with members from nearly all the City Livery Companies, celebrating the Guilds' and Liveries' contribution to the City.

The Dean of St Paul's, The Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett, gave a memorable sermon, which focused on the foundations of our lives and how we can build on them. All those present departed to the bells of St Paul's ringing out across the City. Following the service, the Loriners' party enjoyed a delicious lunch held at the Barber Surgeons' Hall.

Immediate Past Master, Colin Gurley

The Latest News from the Lord Mayor himself 

On the same day as the United Guilds Service, The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor, Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli released his latest news update. In his bulletin, he expressed his gratitude to the Livery Companies for expanding interest by offering guests the 'Livery Experience'. He included news on his latest trips overseas, as well as a recent meeting with the Commanding Officer of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal’s Volunteer Corps). To read the Lord Mayor's update in full, click here.

Wine Tasting Makes Thirsty Work!

The Master, Dr. George Anderson and Upper Warden, Nicholas Bensted-Smith (two members of our hard working Loriners' Wine Committee) were accompanied on 18th March by the Immediate Past Master, Colin Gurley (purely as a casual observer) to an extensive wine tasting event, which was held at the Royal Opera House in London. The event was at the kind invitation of Ellis & Co Wines.  

Ever diligent in this serious duty, the Committee Members sampled a wide range of wines to ensure that the high standards of wines for future Company events are maintained. Such dedication to duty has rarely been seen! Pictured left are the Master and Upper Warden engaged in their most arduous of tasks. Please note the empty glasses!

Immediate Past Master, Colin Gurley

Communications Committee

April 2024