Members of the trade be admitted to the Company as Journeymen under the following terms:

  • They will be at least 18 years of age
  • Not more than two Journeymen per annum will be admitted
  • Journeymen to be selected only where they are directly involved within the Trade or Craft of Lorinery or an allied trade which in the opinion of the Company is sufficiently close to the Trade
  • Journeyman status to last not less than four years at the end of which the Journeyman will submit evidence to the Interview Committee of continuing active connection with the Trade though not necessarily identical to that at the time of first enrolment. The Journeyman may then apply to become a Freeman and Liveryman on payment of 50%of the current fine
  • Whilst a Journeyman he/she may attend one formal event and one social event each year, paying for a place in the usual way
  • At the end of the four year term, if the Journeyman has not attended any events, he/she will cease to be a Journeyman, likewise if he/she is no longer part of a trade linked to lorinery.

For further information about membership of the Loriners’ Company please contact the Clerk.

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