To become a Freeman of the Loriners’ Company applicants need to be proposed and seconded by two Liverymen of the Company.

If you would like to be considered for membership, and you do not know any Loriners, please contact the Clerk who will assist you with this.

Candidates will be expected to have attended at least two, preferably more, Company events before applying for membership of the Company (this can be one formal and one fraternal or equestrian).

Candidates will be required to submit a CV with their Application Form. The CV should not be a detailed account of their working career and should show which of the criteria detailed below they satisfy and how.

Candidates should be aware that Membership attracts a joining fee and also contribution to the Loriners’ Charitable Trust.

Candidates for admission to the Company must be over the age of 21, and in addition to being of good character and integrity, should have a combination of at least some of the following qualifications:

To have connections with or interests in the City, for example:

  • Works or has worked in the City;
  • Lives or has lived in the City;
  • Has a knowledge of the City and supports its traditions and institutions;
  • Understands the value of Livery Companies;
  • Maintains membership of a Ward Club.

To have connections with the horse, for example: 

  • Trade connections or similar associations
  • Has a knowledge of the trade of Lorinery
  • Rides or has ridden, 
  • Owns or has owned horses or whose family rides or owns horses.

To have close family connections with the Company.

Candidates are interviewed by the Company’s Policy and Interview Committee to ascertain suitability and enthusiasm for membership.

For further information about membership of the Loriners’ Company please contact the Clerk.

members members

I have been a Liveryman for two years and have very much enjoyed attending a variety of events such as Mansion House Banquet, Livery Dinners, and the Loriners’ Polo Match at the Guards’ Polo Club. I am also pleased to be part of the Livery Committee and helped to organise the joint Charity Ball with the Curriers’ Company. Together with the Committee we are looking at ways in which we can encourage younger members to join the Company – bearing in mind the many calls on the time of those who are at the beginning of their careers.

I work in Canary Wharf in the financial services world and much enjoy being part of an organisation which is both charitable and fun.